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FOSQUIBA is a Mexican company established in 1981. In its beginnings FOSQUIBA designed and started up producing plants of calcium , sodium and zinc; first in the valley of Mexico and later in Veracruz. FOSQUIBA initiated its commercial activities establishing bonds with outstanding companies that throughout the time have conserved their confidence in us and they have allowed us to grow developing and valuing to a great extent the quality of our service, assistance, and technical support to our customers.

“FOSQUIBA is synonymous with quality and service with the best prices in the market”

FOSQUIBA is leader in the distribution of chemical products within the Mexican Republic, and it has commercial representatives in Central America, Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia. Far from limiting ourselves to a single line of products, we have incorporated new raw materials to our catalogue, taking care that whichever products that we distribute meet the highest international quality standards.

Originally FOSQUIBA was associated to the important trading firm PROQUIBA, with branch offices all over Mexico and an ample presence in the market. Later on FOSQUIBA created its own sales team, and established commercial alliances with the most important producers in this field at international level. At the present time we are direct distributors and representatives in Mexico of outstanding manufacturers well-known by their technology, production capacity and commitment with quality in the European continent, North America and Asia.

Although FOSQUIBA supplies consumables to a wide range of industrial fields, many of its products are oriented towards the food industry. Being this industry one of the traditional segments of the market, good part of the quality controls, procedures and practices of the company derive indeed from the nutritional industry. Currently, we also cover other industries such as: ceramics, metallurgic, paper, textile, drilling, water treatment, paintings and coatings, cleaners & detergents, leather and plastics among others.


FOSQUIBA′s general purpose is to provide with opportunity, efficiency, quality and competitive prices the chemical consumables that your industry requires.

In the course of time we have consolidated our leadership in the distribution of chemical products based on:

  • SERVICE: Opportune and efficient.
  • QUALITY: Certified according to International standards.
  • TECHNICAL ADVICE: Certified according to International standards.
  • PRICE: Our prices are the best ones in the market.

For the accomplishment of our mission we consider of vital importance the continuous improvement of all aspects related to our activity. It is for that reason that we maintain a close communication with the client, as their requirements, expectations and suggestions are the guideline for this improvement


In Fosquiba we operate with a Quality Management System certified under the norm ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Policy

“To guarantee the selection of suppliers and chemical products that meet customer requirements, as well as ensuring its adequate acquisition and commercialization preserving the quality of that chemical product, which are handled in the processes of reception, storage, dilution, and/or deliveries.

Part of our policy is to achieve full costumer satisfaction in relation to the service described by the scope of this policy, as well as program, execute and evaluate actions oriented towards the continuous improvement of the system.

Our quality system is in permanent evolution focusing on important aspects of the technical service support and commercialization.

In addition to FOSQUIBA′s own and internal quality controls, we contract the services of external companies (specialized and credited in its matter), to inspect, to testify and to certify certain processes and results of our task.