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Dry products storage

FOSQUIBA owns ample and functional warehouses for dry products, in the seaport of Veracruz and the Industrial Park “El Convento”, in Tepotzotlán, Estado de México.

The warehouse of Veracruz is located strategically in the Industrial Park “Bruno Pagliai” just 16 km from the seaport, which makes possible a greater capacity of maneuver in function of a coordinated and efficient logistics.

Liquid products storage

FOSQUIBA has storage tanks for liquid products in its warehouses located in the Industrial Park “El Convento” in Tepotzotlan, Estado de México, and in the Industrial Park “Bruno Pagliai” in Veracruz.

The specific use of storage tanks allows us to guarantee that the quality of the liquid products is preserved during the processes of reception, storage, dilution and/or delivery.

Deionizing Unit

FOSQUIBA guarantees its clients that the quality of the liquid products is preserved while making the dilutions.

To such effect we have our own deionizing unit. This operates by interchanging ion resins, allowing us to reduce the concentration of mineral salts of the municipal water supply, practically to zero.

In addition to our strict controls of quality and security, we contract expert and credited companies in the matter so that they supervise and they certify the quality of the deionized water that we produce for the dilutions. This contributes to an additional element of confidence for our clients


FOSQUIBA has stainless steel tankers with different capacities (10,15,30 and 40 Tons). These units are used only and exclusively to transport phosphoric acid, which avoids any possibility of contamination.

Furthermore, the units as well as the drivers, fulfill the standards settled down in the national and international regulations of transport.